Small and medium-sized businesses need affordable communications solutions that provide a competitive edge. iPBX is just that: an affordable enterprise-class phone system, designed to grow with your business, offer unparalleled reliability and productivity gains. iPBX will enhance the way you do business. Here’s how:
  • Save- Although iPBX supports standard telephone lines, its ability to utilize VoIP (Voice over IP) communications gives you the benefit of substantially lower call rates.
  • Unify- With the power of the Internet, the location of branch offices does not require separate phone numbers or phone systems. Any person, from anywhere, can connect to iPBX to make & receive calls as if they were on location.
  • Scalability– Unlike legacy phone systems which require costly hardware upgrades to add new features, extensions or voicemail boxes, iPBX gives your business the freedom to expand at a fraction of the price.

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